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Certified Makeup Artist ( Bio)

 Daniela Mirabal 

I'm a proud Latina artist and I've attended one of the top Makeup schools in the industry Cinema Makeup School also known as (CMS).

I attended this school to not only advance my artistry in makeup for fashion and editorial, but also in special-effects and prosthetics as well.

The first time I was on a movie set I was an assistant artist at the age of 16. Right there and then is what helped me decide what I wanted to do as a career.

Growing up I always had love for ART in all aspects and felt that I was very artistic in drawing, painting, and sewing. I loved makeup at an early age, I was always playing in my mom's makeup drawer and started creating my own eyeshadows by mixing them together to create my own perfect shade. 

I express myself though makeup and all aspect of art. I am very passionate about everything I set my mind to {Hair, Makeup, Photography, designing & etc}

Over the years I've worked on numerous weddings, print ads, films, commercials, red carpet events and even the Oscars.

 One of my biggest accomplishments was being a beauty instructor in Beijing, at one of its top Academies. Cinema Makeup School (CMS) offered me this teaching opportunity to represent them in Beijing.

I'm a Certified Makeup Artist, based in Orange County,CA

I've also been awarded Best Makeup Artist 2 years in a row in 

Orange County on Thumbtack .

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