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Am I a candidate for microblading?

You're not suitable for this procedure if you:

  • Are pregnant/nursing

  • Are undergoing chemotherapy

  • Have any medication or illness that compromises the immune system/healing


First, you must understand that Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that involves using a hand-held instrument with tiny needles. The pigment is applied with these needles into the basal membrane layer of skin (which divides epidermis from the dermis) using fine feathering strokes.

Second, Microblading has many steps. For the best success, our clients must understand the importance in these steps. 


 Our consultation can either be done in person or done online. Each client must fill out our CONSENT/ MEDICAL HISTORY FORM. If done online, we'll send over all the forms that are required. We also ask that you please provide us with 3 different pictures of your brows: 1 straight on, and the other 2 side views of each brow & a photo of what you would like. This gives us a very clear and accurate idea of your Brow Goals.

During the consultation, we will discuss, in detail, the look you are trying to achieve and what recommendations we have for you. Once we have clearly determined your goals and are on the same page, we'll move forward.  


We numb your brows with a quality numbing agent. Keep in mind, this procedure can be uncomfortable, so the numbing steps we take are to ensure a completely comfortable experience for all our clients. Our numbing cream will need to be on for at least 30 minutes pre-procedure to insure that your completely numb throughout the procedure. We also use a numbing gel agent during your session if needed.


Next step, we spend time shaping and drawing on your brows. We use many different methods to ensure your brows are the perfect shape for your face, bone structure, and age. We only begin microblading once you are completely happy with the brow shape and design.


 Now we begin microblading your brows! By using a hand-held instrument with tiny needles, we create tiny-hair strokes mimicking the natural direction and length of your brows. We spend time going back and forth for each brow, paying special attention to detail, while making even strokes and ensuring each hair stroke is done with the utmost care. Microblading can usually take between 50 minutes to 1.5 hours.


The last step is setting the pigment evenly over your brows to ensure each stroke has been fully inserted with pigment. We let this sit for a few minutes, then we'll wipe off the pigment to reveal your new Beautiful brows! After this, if needed, we will finalize any tweaks and adjustments for absolutely perfect brows.


This step is entirely up to you. It's extremely imperative that our clients follow all aftercare instructions for good results. Our technician will discuss all aftercare, as well as all of the "ifs and buts" that come with this healing process. We will also send you home with your aftercare instructions & healing schedule, as well as a mini aftercare kit to use on your brows to help with the healing process.

Microblading healing process

  Week Follow up 

This session is very important to give you longer lasting brows. We require each of our clients to schedule their touch-up between 4-6 weeks after their initial session. We take this time to retouch areas that need fixing. Some strokes don't stay perfect, and sometimes more hair stokes need to be added once the first session is completely healed. For our clients to receive fuller and more defined brows, you must schedule this visit.

Microblading Before & After

This client wanted more defined  and fuller brows. We first reshaped her brows  by tweezing them before I began microblading. She wanted a very natural appearance to her brows, I used the feathering technique.

​​This client came in because her brows started thinning on the outer corner of her arch and she wanted her brows fuller, the arch more defined and  reshaped.  
This client is a cancer survivor and her eyebrows never grew back after going through chemo. This 1st appointment was to create the shape. This client has oily skin and to avoid any pigment expanding or bleed into each other. We completed her brows in 2 session. 

This is my clients 2nd appointment we filled in her brows more in between the hair strokes to create a more natural and fuller brow. We also extended her brows and gave her a more defined arch.

​​This client came in because her brows started thinning on the outer corner of her arch and she wanted her brows fuller, the arch more defined and  reshaped.   
This client suffered from a stroke , which caused one side of her face to droop lower than the other side. She wanted to even out her brows as close as possible, slightly fuller & have the reshaped to frame her face better

  Microblading Correction

 This client  needed a color correction and came in with a pervious tattoo that was faded. We reshaped her brows to frame  her face and created natural hair strokes over the pervious tattoo. She requested that her brows remain on the thinner side, since that's how she likes them. 
This client came in with a pervious tattoo that was faded and needed color correction as well. We reshaped her brows to frame her face and created natural hair strokes over the pervious tattoo

In this session she came is for her year & a half touch up.  She wanted to have fuller and thicker brows then what she normally had. I gave her a more define arch and made them slightly thicker

This client came in for a correction and reshape. She wanted her brows  more defined by using the feathering technique over her pervious tattoo. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical method of inserting organic plant-based pigment deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. The pigment deposits replicate hair follicles and create the appearance of a full head of hair. If you are completely bald we provide the 5 o’clock shadow look; and if you are thinning or not satisfied from hair transplant results and require more density, SMP is for you. 

Scalp Micropigmentation
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